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The CEO of Maritime Robotics seated in front of the Trondheim offices, accompanied by an Otter Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV).


Maritime Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous navigation systems and Uncrewed Surface Vessels. Delivering solutions to customers and partners worldwide for nearly two decades, we are committed to making the benefits of autonomous technology more accessible for the maritime industry.

Empowering Maritime Industries by Enabling Autonomy

We specialize in maritime autonomy for surface vessels, creating innovative  solutions for a wide range of maritime applications, including marine mapping and surveying, oceanographic data collection, transportation, and maritime surveillance and inspection. Our goal is to enable safe, sustainable maritime operations with cost-effective, reliable autonomous solutions. 

Since 2005, Maritime Robotics has developed and delivered autonomous navigation systems, enhancing maritime operations globally for nearly two decades. We deliver to field professionals in various industries, including Marine Science and Engineering, Defence and Security, Energy, Transportation and more.

The Maritime Robotics headquarters in Trondheim

Our core technology, the Autonomous Navigation System, serves as the foundation of our offerings. It enables autonomous navigation in two forms: as an independent modular system for third-party vessels, and as an integrated component of our Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs). Our focus is on facilitating Maritime Autonomy for our customers, ensuring they can easily benefit from the advantages of autonomous technology, and access safer, more sustainable maritime operations.

Our headquarters are strategically located in Trondheim, Norway, neighboring the Trondheim Fjord which is the world’s first regulated test area for autonomous ships since 2016. Our assembly and integration facility, where we build and integrate our turn-key USVs, is situated just across the fjord from our Trondheim headquarters.

Our vision

We are dedicated to transforming maritime operations through the integration of advanced autonomous technologies. Our vision is to lead the advancements of the maritime industry by providing innovative, sustainable, and efficient solutions. We aim to redefine maritime operations by enhancing safety, improving operational efficiency, and minimizing environmental impact. Central in this transformation is our Autonomous Navigation System, offering unparalleled capabilities for marine mapping, data collection, transportation, surveillance and more. By making these technologies accessible and practical for a wide range of maritime applications, we are committed to setting new standards in the industry and driving a shift towards more intelligent, autonomous maritime operations globally.

Our values

We consider our achievements to be deeply connected to our customers’ successes. Our commitment to delivering solutions that open up new possibilities and enhance operational capabilities means that our customers’ accomplishments are a direct indicator of the quality of our products and services. These principles are mirrored in our core values.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and we strive to develop new, advanced technologies that redefine the capabilities of the maritime industry. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology, as we aim to lead and transform through our innovative technologies and solutions.


Our goal is to enable our customers with enhanced capabilities and access to new operational frontiers through our products and services. This approach is rooted in a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and a commitment to supporting their growth and success. We take pride in being a key factor in our customers’ leap towards a safer and more sustainable future.


In terms of delivery, we focus on quality and reliability. Recognising the importance of fulfilling our customers’ and partners’ expectations, we are committed to upholding both our delivery standards and corporate responsibilities. We ensure that our customers can trust us to consistently deliver quality and dependable solutions.

Why the ocean space

The term “ocean space” usually covers the areas that include all the marine environments, such as the surface waters, seafloor, and everything in between.

Ocean space is a fundamental part of our planet’s biosphere as it plays a significant role in regulating the climate, weather patterns, and various global ecosystems. It is also a critical resource for global commerce, providing routes for shipping, energy sources, and minerals.

In recent years, there has been growing interest in exploring and developing the ocean space for scientific research, sustainable resource management, and new economic opportunities. However, the complexity and vastness of the ocean space can make traditional ways of exploration in certain areas challenging.

The Mariner Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is positioned facing to the right, set against a backdrop of expansive ice.

Today, ocean space operations consist of an increased use of autonomous technology and uncrewed systems, offering new ways of exploring, understanding, and managing the ocean space. This technology is transforming the way we gather data, map the ocean floor, and monitor the environment granting more insights on how to best protect it.

We see the importance of expanding our understanding and knowledge of ocean space. As proud suppliers of autonomous navigation systems and uncrewed surface vessels we enable access to the ocean space through safe, cost-effective, and more sustainable operations.  

Enabling Sustainability through Autonomy

We recognize our responsibilities in preserving the climate as we are committed to continuously strive towards a greener world. Present in our technology and expertise is our desire to develop and deliver products that minimize the ecological footprint of both our customers and ourselves. Learn more about our efforts in enabling sustainability for our customers.

Head Office, Trondheim

Brattørkaia 11

Assembly and Integration Facility

Verkstedveien 4