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The Mariner

is a durable and robust vessel with a broad payload capacity, optimal for coastal and offshore operations. Engineered for seamless integration with sensors for various applications, the Mariner offers a reliable and safe solution for your maritime operations.

Customized for your payloads

The Mariner is designed to accommodate a wide range of payload, tailored to its intended use. Common integrations include sensors and sonars for surveying and environmental monitoring, as well as systems for surveillance and ROV-support. Additionally, it can be equipped with a moonpool elevator or fixed gondola, ensuring optimal conditions for data collection and minimizing interference, enhancing data quality.

Durability and manoeuvrability for enhanced access

Mariner's durable construction, combined with the advanced navigation and control system, creates an exceptionally user-friendly platform for various payloads. Its low-speed manoeuvrability allows for close-proximity surveys near objects and obstructions. The water jet propulsion system and shallow draft, enables the Mariner to access areas typically challenging for traditional survey vessels. Its ability to carry sensors both above and below the waterline makes it a versatile tool for a range of maritime applications.

Boost your fleet’s capabilities and performance

Incorporate the Mariner into your existing fleet to significantly enhance its capabilities, offering safe and easy deployment making it an effective force multiplier. Capable of both autonomous and remote-controlled operations, it can expand your fleet's operational range at a fraction of the cost of manned vessels. The Mariner not only improves situational awareness but also enhances overall operational efficiency.
A side view render of the Mariner USV featuring orange panels.
5980 mm
2700 mm
A front-side rendering of the Mariner USV.
2060 mm

Primary Specifications

Dry weight 2000 kg
Top speed* 24 kts
Fuel capacity* 50 h at 4kts
Payload capacity* 400 kg
High-bandwidth communication LTE (4G)
Situational awareness Camera / AIS class B / Radar
*Depending on conditions and payload integrations.

Optional Specifications

Data capturing software SeaCapture
Additional communication links MBR / Starlink
Enhanced situational awareness SeaSight / AIS class A / VHF

Durable and versatile design

The Mariner USV is a dynamic, mid-size vessel designed for both remote-controlled and autonomous operations in coastal and offshore areas. The nearly unsinkable and maintenance-free construction made from polyethylene, provides a durable, stable and easily maintained USV.

Advanced maneuverability

Equipped with a combination of water jet propulsion and bow thrusters, the Mariner boasts exceptional maneuverability, crucial for precise operations and navigation in challenging environments. For additional operational reliability, the Mariner has optional redundant propulsion, ensuring safe and cost-efficient operations.


Designed for convenience, the Mariner fits within a standard 40-foot container, along with all its spare and operational equipment. The Mariner can be deployed and recovered with a standard boat trailer or the optional custom made Launch and recovery (LARS) cradle. The LARS cradle safely captures and deploys the Mariner using an effective locking mechanism for securing the vessel.

Wide payload capacity

With a significant payload space featuring an optional retractable moonpool elevator, the Mariner facilitates seamless integration of both surface and subsurface sensors and payloads. The retractable moonpool elevator protects the sensors in its retracted position during transportation and launching of the vessel. Once the Mariner is ready for survey, the sensors are deployed on a gondola, outside the hull bubble slip-stream, ensuring optimal data quality.

Versatile operations

The Mariner provides a sustainable, safe and cost-effective solution for offshore and coastal surveillance and inspection, high-quality data acquisition, and environmental monitoring in diverse weather conditions and environments.

Equipped with radars, cameras, and sonars, the Mariner can detect and track different targets within an area. The high-bandwidth communication links enable seamless information transfer to shore stations or other vessels, making the Mariner a safe solution for accessing challenging areas, enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, the Mariner can patrol and monitor pipelines, platforms, and wells using its onboard sensors. The vessel can also serve as a valuable support unit for Autonomous Underwater Vessels (AUVs), and act as a force multiplier for larger fleets.

For marine mapping and surveying, the Mariner is capable of collecting detailed seafloor and water-column data using sensors such as Singlebeam and Multibeam Echo Sounders, Sub-bottom Profilers, Sidescan Sonars and Sound Velocity Profilers. Additional sensors for environmental monitoring and fish-finding are also included in the versatile list of sensor integrations available. These sensors are tightly integrated with the vessel and the Autonomous Navigation System, offering an advanced interface with accessible and practical functionalities.


Mariner brochure

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SeaSight brochure

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The Mariner Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is positioned facing to the right, set against a backdrop of expansive ice.

The Mariner vessel can undertake missions in challenging environments.

A Mariner USV with orange panels near the coast.

The Mariner USV in coastal waters.

The Mariner USV from maritime Robotics speeding through the open ocean.

The Mariner USV top speed is 24 knots.

A laptop equipped with the vehicle control station software is used by an operator to oversee the operation.

The Mariner can be controlled remotely from bigger boats.

The Mariner USV and the Otter USV in Trondheim's pier.

The Mariner USV and the Otter USV.

The Mariner USV in open waters.

The Mariner USV in open waters.

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