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Perspective silhouette of the Otter X

Otter X


The Otter X is designed for challenging nearshore environments with its wide catamaran hull, two steerable 5kW electric thrusters and large payload capacity. All combined in a robust, lightweight and compact design.

Zero emission

Featuring an efficient propulsion system, consisting of two electric thrusters powered by four battery packs. As a fully electric, zero-emission USV, the Otter X completely mitigates CO2 emissions, setting it apart from traditional crewed survey vessels.

Highly adaptable

Designed as a highly modular and versatile vessel, the Otter X offers two large capacity dry chambers for various payload and/or cargo.
Side silhouette of the Otter X
4562 mm
2275 mm
Front silhouette of the Otter X
2200 mm

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