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Marine mapping
& surveying

MARITIME ROBOTICS PROVIDES A VARIETY OF USV PLATFORMS designed for turn-key autonomous and uncrewed geophysical survey solutions. These platforms support various payload configurations to cater to marine surveying across diverse areas, ranging from shallow, sheltered waterways to deep ocean environments.

Bathymetric surveys

Capturing high-precision bathymetric data is fundamental to understanding and mapping out the world’s ocean environments. These surveys offer insight into the dynamically changing bathymetry of the ocean floor, from escarpments and slopes to mottling and hummocky seabeds. Acquiring this data can be challenging and costly and is often limited by the size or accessibility of the vessel conducting the survey, making USVs well-suited for capturing data in more severe environments at a more efficient price point.

Hydrographic surveys

Capturing accurate seabed data in coastal waterways is of the utmost importance in order to update nautical charts and help facilitate safe shipping and engineering activities. Many of these coastal bodies of water are too shallow for traditional survey methods or require a survey vessel with increased agility on the water while also collecting high-resolution singlebeam or multibeam sonar data.

Geological & seabed surveys

Complex geomorphological seabed surveys requires a robust suite of sensors in order to collect the complete characterization of the seabed and shallow subsurface. Multibeam bathymetry, side scan sonars, sub bottom profilers, magnetometers and more are required for mapping various hazards, archaeological potential, and other geological attributes in order to facilitate engineering activities or environmental monitoring.

We deliver

Wide array of sensor packages

Our USV platforms are sensor-agnostic, accommodating a wide range of geophysical remote sensing equipment from industry leading manufacturers, such as single- and multibeam echo sounders, side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, environmental water/air quality sensors, LiDAR and radar, SVP sensors, aquatic habitat camera systems, surveillance equipment, EQ/IR camera systems, and more.

These sensor packages have proven capabilities in performing a number of different surveys, including seabed characterization studies, bathymetry, archaeological discoveries, UXO identification studies and more. Additionally, they are instrumental in ongoing seabed monitoring efforts, providing critical data for environmental and geological studies.

Mariner X USV close-up to the antennas and radome.

On the Mariner X, delicate equipment is protected by a weatherproof radome.

Diverse USV solutions

The solutions we provide for survey acquisition caters to a wide range of marine environments, balancing cost-effectiveness with high performance. For enclosed and shallow waterways and areas, the fully electric
Otter USV offers a portable and sustainable sensor platform for cost-efficient and high quality operations in more confined locations.

For open-ocean mapping and surveying our larger USVs, Mariner and Mariner X contains the durability, functionality and payload capacity for enduring complex operations in coastal and offshore areas. We offer a variety of functionalities and configurations on our vessels, ensuring each solution meet the various needs for marine mapping and surveying. This include applications ranging from detailed seabed analysis to extensive marine mapping, providing the maritime industries with the tools necessary to achieve precise and comprehensive survey results.

The Mariner USV and the Otter USV in Trondheim's pier.

The Mariner USV and the Otter USV.

Reduce cost and risk

USVs allow for autonomous and remotely operated surveying, requiring fewer personnel compared to traditional crewed surveys. Operators can manage these vessels remotely from shore-based control centers, significantly reducing the need for on-site staff. This not only enhances operational efficiency and flexibility, but also reduces health, safety and environmental risks for offshore surveyors.

Our USVs are controlled and monitored with the Vehicle Control Station (VCS), one of the core components of our Autonomous Navigation System. The VCS offers innovative features and optional functionalities, such as the survey data capturing software, SeaCapture. This software functionality offers real-time visualization of sonar data, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and data quality control. We deliver the complete turn-key solution for safe, sustainable and cost-effective coastal and offshore surveys and studies.

The USV operator interacts with the vessel through the Vehicle Control Station.

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