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Our solutions for maritime autonomy

MARITIME ROBOTICS PROVIDES A VARIETY OF USV PLATFORMS designed for turn-key autonomous and uncrewed geophysical survey solutions. These platforms support various payload configurations to cater to marine surveying across diverse areas, ranging from shallow, sheltered waterways to deep ocean environments.
AUTONOMOUS SURVEY PROCEDURES CONDUCTED WITH UNCREWED SURFACE VESSELS can offer safer and more efficient advanced data collection utilizing advanced oceanographic, meteorological, geophysical, or biological sensor packages in order to elevate the speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of oceanographic research in a wide array of industries.
UNCREWED SURFACE VESSELS AND AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION represent significant advantages within the maritime industry, offering operational advantages over traditional operations. Our innovative technologies enhances the safety, efficiency and quality of your maritime surveillance and inspection applications.
AUTONOMY IN MARITIME TRANSPORTATION ENABLES SHIPS AND VESSELS to operate with varying degrees of independence and automation. This technological advancement has the potential to significantly impact the maritime industry in several ways.