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The Otter


is designed for efficient and precise data acquisition, environmental monitoring, and surveillance in sheltered, coastal and shallow areas. Its modular catamaran design and advanced, yet highly user-friendly navigation and control system offers seamless integration with leading survey sensors, enabling easy access to high quality ocean data.

Unique integrations for operational efficiency

The Otter can be easily equipped with various payloads for precise and effective data acquisition. Offering functionalities of both remote control and autonomous navigation, the Otter's Vehicle Control System (VCS) ensures easy access to various survey sites. Additionally, the VCS provides live survey data visualization, integrating sensor data into a single, user-friendly interface.

Zero emission

The Otter features an efficient propulsion system, consisting of two electric thrusters powered by four battery packs. This configuration enables the vessel to operate entirely in electric power for up to 20 hours, depending on conditions and payload. As a fully electric, zero-emission USV, the Otter completely mitigates CO2 emissions, setting it apart from traditional crewed survey vessels.

Portability meets innovation

The modular and compact design ensures convenient transportation and deployment of the Otter USV, offering easy access to various survey sites. Its innovative plug-and-play system for payload integration streamlines the process of mounting and dismounting sonars and other equipment, further enhancing the vessel's mobility and versatility in field operations.
2000 mm
1065 mm
1080 mm

Primary Specifications

Dry weight 62 kg
Top speed* 6 kts
Endurance* 20 h
Payload capacity* 30 kg
Communication links 5GHz MIMO radio / Wifi / 4G
Situational awareness Camera / AIS Class B
*Depending on conditions and payload integrations.

Optional Specifications

Additional communication links MBR / VHF
Data capturing software SeaCapture
Enhanced situational awareness SeaSight

Advanced control and navigation

The Otter’s VCS is one of the core components of our Autonomous Navigation System, offering a highly user-friendly interface for controlling and monitoring the vessel, enabling surveys with optimal operational efficiency. The system includes various autonomous features and control modes such as course and speed adjustments, heading control, and waypoint navigation, enabling operators to plan and execute missions with ease. The flexibility of controlling the Otter through a rugged laptop or using a mobile app for manual joystick-like control enhances its mobility. Additionally, the VCS offers integrated sensor data displayed live in its multi-functional interface, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and quality control. Operators can monitor and adjust sensor data quality parameters in the VCS, enabling critical real-time operational decision making.

Sustainable operations

Emphasizing eco-friendliness, the Otter is equipped with electric thrusters powered by up to four powerful, easily interchangeable battery packs. This enables operational endurance of up to 20 hours at 2 knots, offering a best-in-class endurance for its size. The battery solution also guarantees quick access to replacement parts, considering its off-the-shelf components.

Portability and assembly

The Otter’s design offers portability and modularity. Its modular construction and lightweight build enable it to be transported in small cargo vans, ensuring accessibility to a variety of survey sites. The modular components, each weighing less than 20 kg, can be quickly assembled or disassembled by a single operator, making it easy to transport, assemble and launch the Otter at locations like lakesides, riversides and harbors.

Robust design for sheltered areas

With its sturdy catamaran build and integrated survey sensors, the Otter is a cost effective, ready-to-use solution for surveying and monitoring enclosed waters and sheltered areas. Its advanced capabilities make it suitable for a range of applications, including bathymetric and hydrographic surveying, scientific data collection, as well as surveilling and securing small lakes, canals, rivers, ponds, and harbor areas.


Otter brochure

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SeaSight brochure

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Maritime Robotics' Otter USV showcasing enhanced capabilities with the SeaSight addon.

The Otter USV equipped with the SeaSight addon by Maritime Robotics.

A close-up of the Otter USV revealing its operational functionality in the water.

A closeup of the Otter USV.

In front of the main office, three Maritime Robotics employees are readying the Otter USV for deployment in the water.

The Maritime Robotics team is getting the Otter ready for deployment in the water.

There's an Otter USV with the SeaSight add-on in Trondheim's harbour.

The Otter with the SeaSight.

Otter USV user using it's laptop to control the vessel from the office.

Controlling the Otter USV through a rugged laptop or a mobile app provides flexible mobility options.

The Otter maneuvering through the ice

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