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Our History

Maritime Robotics was founded with an initial aim to develop autonomous control systems for uncrewed aerial and surface vehicles. This remains the core-technology of our uncrewed vessels and product portfolio today.

Since Maritime Robotics was established in 2005, we have been at the forefront of developing innovative Autonomous Navigation Systems and Uncrewed Vessels for marine data acquisition. Our focus on Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) integrated with various maritime sensors and systems has led us to create a versatile range of vessels, designed for a variety of environments from calm to sheltered waters, to the challenging conditions of the open sea. 

Our core strength lies in control and software engineering. The foundation of our product line is the advanced software that powers autonomous operations. The design and construction of our units were driven by the need to serve an initial customer base that sought uncrewed vessels for marine data acquisition as a comprehensive, turnkey solution. 

Our journey in autonomy began with the development of our first autonomous platform in 2007. This platform has been continuously refined and strengthened over the years. Today, with more than a hundred systems operating globally and accruing thousands of hours in operation, we are proud to offer one of the market’s most reliable and tested Autonomous Navigation Systems.

Our growth story, from the early days of our first Autonomous Navigation System to the expansion of our USV fleet, represents the advancements in sensor and software technology. We have climbed the autonomy ladder, evolving our offerings to provide a full product range that meets the diverse needs of the maritime market.

Key milestones


Maritime Robotics was established


First USV prototype for oil and gas exploration.


The first ever Mariner USV version was delivered.


Aerial Surveillance System OceanEye

Aerial Surveillance System OceanEye for aerial monitoring of marine oil-spills developed, commercialized and delivered between 2012-2015.


Shifting market trends

Shift in market trends leading to full attention towards maritime autonomy and USVs.


Mariner USV Mk I in commercial operations

Mariner USV Mk I in commercial operations in Gulf of Mexico


The Otter USV commercially available


Mariner USV MK I USV

Mariner USV MK I USV sailed over 7750 nautical miles


Mariner USV Mk II

Mariner USV Mk II commercially available.


More than 80 Otter USVs sold worldwide


Mariner X USV commercially available