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surveillance & inspection

UNCREWED SURFACE VESSELS AND AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION represent significant advantages within the maritime industry, offering operational advantages over traditional operations. Our innovative technologies enhances the safety, efficiency and quality of your maritime surveillance and inspection applications.

Inspection and maintenance

USVs and autonomous technologies are used for the inspection and maintenance of maritime infrastructure, including bridges, ports, wind farms, and offshore oil and gas facilities. They can carry various sensors and technologies for conducting structural inspections, maintenance support and act as a support vessel for ROVs and AUVs.

Monitoring and surveillance

Equipped with advanced technologies such as high-resolution sonar, radar, and camera systems, USVs can patrol vast water spaces autonomously. Additionally, they identify and track potential threats like unauthorized vessels, environmental hazards, or submerged obstacles.

Safety and security

USVs are capable of operating in various conditions for extended periods of time. This minimizes the need for crewed operations in risky environments, enhancing cost-efficiency and providing precise high-resolution data. The high-quality data collected, enables accurate risk assessments, supporting informed decision-making and rapid response to potential threats.

We deliver

Explosive hazard risk mitigation

Our USVs are designed and built for a wide range of maritime operations. Capable of patrolling larger areas, our USVs Mariner and Mariner X are dynamic sensor platforms with large payload capacity and long endurance. Repeatedly mapping the same area allows for the detection of any changes since the last survey, enhancing monitoring accuracy.

The USVs are versatile, equipped with advanced sonar systems for detecting sea mines, both on the seabed and within the water column. Utilizing additional technologies such as camera systems, forward looking sonar and radar, the USV can frequently patrol waterway. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the environments and ensure the safety of nearby ships and other vessels. Capable of conducting such operations without on-site personnel, the USV drastically reduce health and safety risks for the operators.

Harbor security

Regular patrolling of harbors using USVs is an efficient and safe solution for detecting anomalies through time-based data comparison. USVs equipped with underwater sonar and LIDAR, provides high-resolution data to the control center, where the operator is located. This allows for detailed analysis of objects in a secure and controlled environment. Additionally, the integration of radar and camera systems enables the detection of boats and other objects entering the harbor, enhancing maritime security.

Our USVs serve as multifunctinal tools, capable of guiding incoming vessels to their berths and be utilized for internal transport and logistics. This enables the USV to streamline harbor operations, ensuring safety and efficiency.

The black-colored Mariner X USV patrolling near the coast.

ROV- support

Our USVs are capable of carrying and supporting Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for various applications. Smaller working class and inspectional ROVs used for offshore and coastal operations, are compatible with some of our USVs. This combination enables a dynamic surface station, configuring the USV to move freely alongside the ROV, supplying both power and signal transmission.

For underwater threats, our USVs carries diving detection sonars, offering an additional layer of safety by identifying potential underwater hazards. In cases where a subsurface object requires closer inspection, a ROV can be deployed directly from the USV. This ROV provides a live video feed from under the water, allowing for real-time assessment.

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