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Maritime transportation

AUTONOMY IN MARITIME TRANSPORTATION ENABLES SHIPS AND VESSELS to operate with varying degrees of independence and automation. This technological advancement has the potential to significantly impact the maritime industry in several ways.

Short sea and last-mile shipping

Autonomous navigation systems can optimize shipping routes for efficiency and fuel savings. USVs can be used for short sea shipping and feeder services between major ports and smaller harbors.


Today, autonomous navigation technology, particularly in the context of ferries, is mainly focused on assisted and partial automation. This means that these systems are used to enhance and support the work of human crews rather than completely replace them.

Cargo transportation

Autonomous systems can assist long-haul cargo transport, enhancing situational awareness and optimizing risk-assessment. This will reduce crew-related costs and enhance safety.

Autonomy enables

Enhanced safety

Automation can reduce the risk of human error, which is a leading cause of maritime accidents. Autonomous systems equipped with sensors and AI can detect obstacles, monitor conditions, and make real-time decisions to ensure safer voyages.

Reduced costs

Autonomous systems can optimize routes, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance navigation, leading to more efficient maritime operations. While not necessary eliminating the need for human crews entirely, autonomous technologies can potentially reduce the size of crews required on vessels, thereby lowering labor costs for shipping companies.

Environmental impact

Autonomous systems can be designed to optimize fuel consumption, thereby reducing emissions and minimizing the environmental impact of maritime transportation.

Rakuten and Maritime Robotics - Building the future of transport and warehouses.

Mariner freight operation - The world's first uncrewed goods transport at sea that has been approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate and the Coastal Administration for completely unmanned goods transport with a small commercial cargo ship.

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