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NjordX signs Reseller Agreement with Maritime Robotics

Maritime Robotics, a leading provider of uncrewed solutions, is announcing the signed agreement with NjordX, making them a valued reseller for Maritime Robotics' innovative turn-key product offerings.

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Maritime Robotics

March 20th, 2023

NjordX, a prominent player in the shipping industry with over 100 years of experience, deliver a wide selection of product offerings, from individual components, to comprehensive system solutions and services to customers worldwide.

We are very happy to announce the new reseller agreement between Maritime Robotics and NjordX! This agreement represents a significant milestone in Maritime Robotics' commitment to building strong partnerships with key industry players and expanding our reach.
- Kristoffer Fortun, CSO at Maritime Robotics.

Maritime Robotics specialises in the development and delivery of uncrewed surface solutions for a range of industries, including seabed mapping and monitoring, offshore energy, defence and security, and marine research. They deliver cutting-edge technology that provide high-quality, cost-effective, sustainable and risk reduced solutions for their customers.

Photographed: Andreas Ryding (left), Njord X; Kristoffer Fortun (middle), Maritime Robotics; Nils Waltre (right), NjordX.

We are proud to be a chosen partner to Maritime Robotics. I believe we can introduce the future that Maritime Robotics offers into our network. We truly looking forward to this partnership.
- Andreas Rydin, CEO of NjordX.

NjordX is a trusted provider of a wide range of products and solutions within the shipping industry, from individual products to larger system solutions. Their extensive global network and expertise will enable Maritime Robotics to expand their reach even further.