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Harbour Security

Keeping harbours and their surroundings safe and secure is a demanding task. The landside perimeter has traditionally been  secured  by a combination of fences and stray guards, while the seaside has been overlooked and insepected by patrol boats and divers.  To maintain a high level of security over prolonged period is extremely damanding on personnel and other resources . We believe that an automated system using state of the art sensors and computer technology can both improve the security level on a daily basis and cut the cost in harbours as well as in other areas of interest.

Maritime Robotics  produce both UAVs and USVs which can be fitted with sensors (IR/daylight cameras, echo sounders, RADARs,LIDARs etc.) that supplies a real-time overview of the situation. All the data gathered may be analyzed using AI computer applications, and any change from the normal status is detected. An operator decides whether an alarm calls for a closer examination. New technology provides a higher degree of security at a lower cost.

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