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2020 UAS wrap up

Happy 2021 from Maritime Robotics! At the end of 2020, we have been working to update our newsletter in an effort to get you the latest news. In addition to our news announcements on our website and social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), we aim to give you an overview of big news at Maritime Robotics right in your mailbox! In this newsletter, we reflect back on some of the biggest news from 2020, and look forward to upcoming deliverables. We hope you enjoy this brief overview - more to come in 2021!

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January 27th, 2021

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Welcoming the new and improved Mariner USV

The Mariner was recently redesigned based on experience from our first generation Mariner and customer needs. Our new Mariner USV is well proven for coastal and offshore operations, as well as operations in the arctic, and can be outfitted with additional electric thrusters.

The Mariner contains a large payload room, which can be equipped with a variety of surface and subsea sensors and payloads. Over the last year we have delivered several Mariners outfitted with everything from single- and multi-beam sonar systems to a transition zone transceiver for USBL positioning. The supported sensor list for the Mariner is increasing all the time and a new sensor integration is only a customer request away.

The Mariner USV LE (Long Endurance)

In addition to re-introducing the Mariner USV, we have also been working on a long endurance version of the Mariner! The Mariner LE has up to 30 days endurance, dual moonpool and all the other excellent features from the original Mariner USV, including Maritime Robotics' unmanned operation software! The vessel size has grown from 6m to 8.6m and the vessel design and features are results of several thousands of operating hours with the original Mariner USV.

This year has presented unique challenges to us all. We are fortunate to be able to share some of our achievements, despite the extraordinary circumstances.

2020 Achievements

UiT Contract to Deliver Mariner USV

Maritime Robotics is proud to have been awarded a contract to deliver a Mariner USV to UiT (the Arctic University of Norway). The vessel will greatly enhance UiT's research capabilities operating in areas that might have been inaccessible until now, unmanned and safely. The vessel will be used as a force multiplier together with their research vessel RV Helmer Hansen along ice edges in the Arctic. In competition with both national and international USV manufacturers the vessel was chosen as the best suited and most proven platform for upcoming demanding arctic missions. We are looking forward to delivering a world class USV to a world class customer!


Maritime Robotics surveyed the Skansen area in Trondheim with our Otter USV, equipped with the new NORBIT Subsea WINGHEAD i77h sonar. Read the Hydro International article for more info and see the amazing results!

NTNU Contract to Deliver USV

Maritime Robotics is happy to share that we were chosen as the technically and economically best suited manufacturer to deliver a fully electric mid-size USV to support NTNU's (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) upcoming research missions in the arctic. The USV will be installed on RV Kronprins Haakon, which is scheduled to depart from Trondheim in late April 2021.

We look forward to delivering this USV in Spring 2021!

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