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Alpha Hydraulic Engineering Consultants, Co. Ltd acquires Otter USV with Norbit iWBMS

Alpha Hydraulic Engineering Consultants, Co. Ltd, Japan acquires the latest generation Maritime Robotics Otter with NORBIT iWBMS multibeam echosounder to boost their site investigation capability.

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Maritime Robotics

May 25th, 2021

Alpha Hydraulic Engineering Consultants, Co. Ltd (AHEC), a well-known prestigious environmentally sustainable coastal engineering company based in Hokkaido, Japan, with offices throughout Japan, recently purchased a turn-key solution of Maritime Robotics' Otter USV with the NORBIT iWBMS multibeam echosounder integrated.

This recent acquisition will boost AHEC project management capability from site investigation, analysis, design, execution to Global Information System (GIS) of coastal and engineering structures.

Our reseller in Japan, S.E.A. Corp. based in Chiba, was instrumental in securing this opportunity from the early stages throughout the Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) and handover of the solution to AHEC. We continue to be impressed and thankful to our resellers in their dedication and resilience in these challenging years!