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FALK UAS training with DLR - German Aerospace Center

Two weeks ago, Maritime Robotics traveled to Cochstedt to train pilots of the German Aerospace Center, DLR at their National Experimental Test Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The old airport has gained a new life after being acquired by DLR, and is now on its way to become a state of the art test center for UAS.

Posted by:
Vera Susanne

June 23rd, 2022

The training was part of the delivery of a Maritime Robotics Falk UAS to DLR, and DLR is now capable of utilizing the UAS in their projects as needed. During the week, the Falk changed from a system only operated by Maritime Robotics pilots to a system now operated by DLR pilots and personell. The last day, DLR carried out a complete flight operation, starting with pre flight checks, check list, catapult takeoff, flight and landing.

We thank DLR for their great hospitality and interest, and we have learned a lot about future uses and promising potential for further cooperation.

We wish DLR the best of luck using their Falk UAS going forward.