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Fugro Alumaster converted to USV

Some users want the option of using their survey boat in an unmanned mode, while still having the option of manned use. Other users see a potential in using Unmanned Surface Vehicles, but are not yet ready to take the cost of investing in a custom USV platform. For those users the Maritime Robotics USV Conversion System offers a unique opportunity to take advantage of the possibilities for unmanned surface operations.

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Maritime Robotics

May 15th, 2017

Maritime Robotics successfully converted the Fugro Alumaster for use in unmanned operations during may 2017. The process involved a re-use of most of the existing systems on board the boat, and thereafter installing and interfacing the Maritime Robotics USV Conversion System. (On-board system – Communications system and Vehicle Controls Station). The USV Conversion System includes the same Vehicle Control Station, Communication and On-Board-Systems as the more integrated Mariner USV system, but can also be highly customized for your special need and requirements.

During sea-trials the vessel was piloted from our shore-based USV operator control room and tested in the Trondheimsfjord Test Area for Autonomous Ships.

Conversion System by Maritime Robotics