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Mission with NTNU around Frøya

For a week in May Maritime Robotics joined SINTEF and NTNU for the ENTiCE project work onboard the NTNU research vessel R/V Gunnerus. This mission was conducted in the coastal area of Mausund, outside Trondheim.

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Maritime Robotics

May 12th, 2017

The area is highly productive and important for Norwegian commercial fisheries. The ENTiCE project aims to develop new technologies for studying the interactions between physical, chemical and basic biological processes in coastal waters.

Maritime Robotics provided Telemetron, our research and development USV that can be operated both manned and unmanned.  For this mission the Telemetron was used in manned mode to launch, recovery and track the AUVs, all the time  monitored remotely from Maritime Robotics back in Trondheim via the custom Vehicle Control Station.   Our Wave Glider was also deployed for the project, equipped with weather station and  a CTD sensor mounted on the sub. During the course of the Wave Glider mission of over 50 hours the unit transited approximately 120 km within the designated survey area, testing functionality of line following and collision avoidance algorithms.  

A productive week for SINTEF and NTNU providing some valuable scientific insight for our team and giving us exposure to some of the latest technologies in ocean science.