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Summer Interns

The Maritime Robotics Summer Internship Program gives students the opportunity to work in the exciting, innovative, and up-and-coming field of autonomous technology.

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Maritime Robotics

September 6th, 2019

The opportunity allows students to gain work experience and put their knowledge and education to good use in a professional environment, where their skills and learning ability will be valued. They are challenged, but also supported and welcomed into the Maritime Robotics team. They gain an understanding of the industry and a sense of confidence in their own ability to thrive within it. Read on to gain insight into students' personal experiences.

Caio Swan de Freitas

Although I’ve worked part-time for most of the time, I’ve been involved in so many projects already. They even sent me to Andøya once to do a tuning of a boat there; and to Brazil as well.
- Caio Swan de Freitas

Eirik Moholt

The best part [of working as an intern at Maritime Robotics] is when we are out testing the components and you can see the hardware and software working together. It’s really inspiring to see the boats driving autonomously.
- Eirik Moholt

Didrik Grove

At Maritime Robotics, I get hands-on experience making actual products instead of just in theory. There’s a lot more involved [in working on company products]: you have to put a lot more thought into it, it’s going to hopefully last many many years.
- Didrik Grove

Mia Berge

The best part of working at Maritime Robotics has been getting hands-on experience and seeing how people work in the industry. I also like that it’s a relatively small company so it is easy to get seen and get help and at the same time you are getting more ownership of the product you make.
- Mia Berge

Oliver Funch

It’s a super chill environment, the administration style is really chill and you get to feel that you are responsible yourself, for what you are doing and it really motivates me. Also I love just sitting here being creative and just doing what I love.
- Oliver Funch

Stian Flaten

The best part of working here is being part of a team, prototyping and product development from start to finish, and finding solutions and seeing the designs we have done in real life. There’s also the atmosphere here: very nice people and colleagues.
- Stian Flaten

Lars Digerud

The best part is the people here, and there's just a chilled vibe and we just do the fun things. It’s very practical what we do, I’m using what I’ve learned in my studies and I get to do the fun part of what I studied which is great.
- Lars Digerud

Sira Eriksen

The best part of working here is the opportunities I get. Since Maritime Robotics is a smaller company, I’ve been able to work with almost every aspect of their visual marketing. I’ve learned so much from everything I have created since I have been here.
- Sira Eriksen