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Support for green transformation granted to SAMS Norway, Maritime Robotics and other partners

Maritime Robotics, SINTEF, Indra, USN (University of South-Eastern Norway) and SAMS Norway applied for funding to produce a preliminary project mapping a drone-based hub-to-hub solution, as part of the Green Platform Initiative.

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Maritime Robotics

March 11th, 2021

This article was translated from the SAMS Norway article by Tina Edvardsen. SAMS - Sustainable Autonomous Mobility System.

We are very happy to have been selected, in addition to our partners, to receive financial support from the Green Platform.
- Torun Degnes, general manager of SAMS Norway.

Research, innovation and new technology will contribute to restructuring Norway in the green shift. The government, which is behind the support scheme, focuses on sustainable projects that can generate new green jobs.

Of more than 400 applications, only 93 have been granted the opportunity to contribute to the Green Platform pilot project. SAMS Norway along with partners Maritime Robotics, SINTEF, Indra and USN have together received funding for the mapping of a drone-based hub-to-hub solution.

Several preliminary projects have received support of 300,000 NOK each, including SAMS Norway, says Degnes. We can now continue working on the preliminary project leading up to the main project application. At which point we will have the opportunity to apply for support for larger projects that extend over three years.
- Torun Degnes, general manager of SAMS Norway.

In total, more than 27.8 million NOK will be distributed to 93 companies and research institutes. When applying for the main project, it will be possible to receive support between 50 to 150 million NOK.

Drone-based hub-to-hub solution

The project will identify and map existing transport chains for the delivery of time-sensitive goods, specifically in situations where the environment can deeply benefit from converting to a drone-based hub-to-hub solution. The solution must be scalable within the larger commercial framework, and must have sizable export potential.

We look forward to continuing our work towards the main project, which aims to replace existing transport solutions with a drone-based solution. A solution that is sustainable and allows for greenhouse gases and emissions to be reduced
- Torun Degnes, general manager of SAMS Norway.

Facts about the Green Platform

  • 1 billion NOK was proposed to be spent over three years, as part of the Norwegian government's Green Platform Initiative.

  • The goal of the Green Platform is to facilitate green growth and support the sustainable business sector.

  • Projects in research and innovation, from basic research to market ready solutions, can apply for support.

  • The Research Council, Innovation Norway, Siva and Enova are collaborating on the scheme. They have selected the best projects from the business community and the research institutes to receive support.

  • The main project application deadline will be before summer 2021. It is not necessary to have received support for the preliminary project to apply.

Source: The Research Council of Norway