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USV AS’ First Uncrewed Surface Vessel Integrated with Maritime Robotics Autonomous Navigation System

USV AS, a joint venture between Deep Ocean, Solstad Offshore ASA and Østensjø Rederi, has now contracted their first Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) and Maritime Robotics will deliver the Autonomous Navigation System that enables uncrewed navigation of the USV.

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Vera Susanne

July 27th, 2023

Last week, USV AS – the joint venture company owned by DeepOcean, Solstad Offshore ASA and Østensjø Rederi announced the build of their first USV, a 24 meters long vessel capable of handling various kinds of subsea work. Maritime Robotics, one of the central suppliers in this project and a leading supplier of autonomous navigation systems and uncrewed solutions, will deliver and integrate the Autonomous Navigation System that will enable uncrewed navigation of the USV. The vessel will be controlled from an onshore control center and has the capacity of operating offshore for up to 30 days at a time without refuelling.

The USV will be integrated with a work-class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), and the newly developed launch and recovery system will allow the ROV to be operated from relatively small vessels, like the USV. This integration defines the USVs primary task as an offshore intervention and inspection vessel and both the USV and ROV will be controlled from the same remote operating center.

Remotely operated offshore and subsea vessel

Since 2005, Maritime Robotics has been developing and delivering autonomous vehicles to the maritime industry. Their products and services have mostly been used for coastal surveying, various scientific purposes, and surveillance. However, Maritime Robotics is now experiencing a shift in the industry where larger companies, like those behind USV AS, see the value in utilising opportunities that come with autonomous - and remote technology for larger offshore capable vessels.

After working on this project for several years it is with great pleasure that we can now look forward to the fulfilment of this pioneering project. We are grateful for the bold steps that the JV is taking towards deep-sea uncrewed inspection and intervention and acknowledge that this is one of the first examples of one of Maritime Robotics visions of uncrewed robots helping other uncrewed robots to achieve a greater coordinated task. This is a brilliant example of how Maritime Robotics can collaborate with our customers to find more efficient ways to work and to enable more sustainable operations in the Ocean Space.
- CEO of Maritime Robotics, Vegard Evjen Hovstein

Reduced cost, CO2 footprint and personnel exposure

The USV will hold many features to ensure safety and integrity of the planned operations. This innovative technology will reduce costs, CO2 emissions, and crew risk exposure. The captain will remain in full control of the vessel from the onshore remote operations center.

In operation from 2025

Astilleros Gondán has been contracted to build the USV on behalf of USV AS. Delivery of the USV is expected by the end of 2024. The joint venture is planning for the USV to be ready for operations in 2025, following offshore testing.

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Vera Susanne Nilsen
Marketing & Communication Lead

Maritime Robotics

Maritime Robotics is a leading provider of advanced autonomous technology, enabling safe, sustainable and cost effective maritime operations and applications. Since 2005, Maritime Robotics has developed and delivered Autonomous Navigation Systems and Uncrewed Surface Vessels to customers worldwide, enhancing the operational capabilities for various maritime applications, including marine mapping and surveying, environmental monitoring, surveillance and inspection, and more.


USV AS is a joint venture company established by DeepOcean, Solstad Offshore and Østensjø whose main purpose is to invest and own uncrewed surface vessels (USVs). The company’s first USV will be ready for operations in 2025.