• Maritime Robotics

Tomorrows aquaculture facilities

Unmanned vehicles are creating opportunities to operate fish farms in areas with harsher weather conditions without putting people at risk.

Maritime Robotics is part of the Sintef-led project, Artifex, uniting robotics and automation experts to develop tomorrows aquaculture facilities.

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Maritime Robotics is a leading provider of innovative unmanned solutions for maritime operations and data acquisition. The company develops and delivers Unmanned Surface Vehicle Systems (USV), Moored Balloon Systems (MBS) as well as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Our main markets are geophysical surveying, oil & gas, environmental monitoring, and the defence/security market. With technology developed in close collaboration with civilian, governmental and military partners, Maritime Robotics focuses on delivering high-quality system solutions and products that are cost effective, reduce HSE risk exposure and are highly deployable, in any conditions.